Traffic Light

This is an original traffic light that was retired from service

This is not a reproduction. It was once used to control real street traffic.

It has working, 12-inch diameter, LED lamps.

It has been completely cleaned and refurbished.

It has a custom stand and a solid-state digital controller with 25 light patterns. The speed and pattern are user selectable.

Note: The base for the stand incorporates a vintage Christmas tree stand that is worth about $50 but I really liked the way it looked with the light.

The entire assembly measures 69 inches tall.

It would make a great Christmas gift for the man who has almost everything.

It would also look awesome in your man cave, distillery, brewery, bar or restaurant.

This video shows just one of the 30 light patterns.

Programming the Traffic Light

The traffic sequencer is mounted inside the yellow light section. Loosen the 2 wingnuts to open the door. The traffic sequencer is from Galak Electronics. It comes with a lifetime warranty.

Beware, there is low voltage control circuitry and 115VAC switching circuitry on the same board. I installed a Lexan panel to help protect from accidental shock, but you must be careful when working inside the traffic light.

Never press the buttons with a bare finger. Use a suitable rubber handled screwdriver, wooden pencil or other device to press the buttons. Use a small plastic Phillips screwdriver to turn the speed control.

Light Sequencer

There are two buttons and one speed adjustment inside the light.

Sequencer Buttons

The top button controls the duration of the yellow light. Each time you press the button, the yellow light will flash. If it flashes once, the light will light for 1 second. Twice, for 2 seconds, etc. all the way up to 8 seconds.

The bottom button controls the light program. There are 25 presets including 12 authentic traffic control patterns (US, Old US, British, Flashing, etc.). The other modes are just flashy and fun.

The control on the right side can be turned to speed up or slow down the changing of the lights. It will cause the red or the green to stay lit longer, but it doesn’t affect the yellow light in the 12 authentic traffic modes. This lets you set the light to operate just like a regular traffic light with a long green light, followed by a few seconds of yellow light, followed by a long red light.


It is possible to disassemble the light for shipping, etc. You must loosen the square head bolts in the aluminum coupler and disconnect the cord from the sequencer board to remove the light from the stand.


Real traffic lights are designed to be lightweight. The light and stand are made of aluminum, and plastic. The base is made of thin steel. I estimate the weight of the entire assembly to be about 20-30 lbs. It is sturdy but it is also easy to move. The base is smooth and shouldn’t damage your floors if you choose to display this indoors.


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Prairie Cabin Traffic Light

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